Are you a business owner who is spinning too many plates?

Are you wishing there were more hours in a day?

Do you have a good business idea but you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding clients?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then that is where I come in.

I offer bespoke packages depending on you and your business needs.

If you want a sidekick in your business, send me a message.

Business Admin
Business admin can mount up and feel never ending. I can support you by taking on some of your admin tasks. This can range from contacting prospective candidates, giving your inbox a detox, following up enquiries, sending emails, sending testimonial requests, data inputting to creating spreadsheets.
Research can be very time consuming, so why not let me conduct the research for you. Whether it's sourcing venues, suppliers, tradespeople, products, looking at your competitors, or finding your ideal client, I can find the information you need. I can then create a simple document with all the relevant information. I can also contact people and do the liaising for you.
Business strategy
Do you have good ideas for your business but are struggling with knowing how to progress? I can help you brainstorm ideas and offer support, guidance and a business strategy to help move your business forward.
Social Media
Being active on social media can make a huge difference to your business. If you have the posts and images but no time to schedule them, I can do this task for you. I can also send connection requests to help your account grow. Some of your posts can be evergreen and used multiple times, I can copy your posts that you have previously published and put them on a Trello board or Google document.
Social media boost session
This social media boost session is ideal for business owners new to using social media. In this session, I will share tips that I have learnt with using social media for my business.
Social Media Content Ideas
This is a digital product and it includes ideas of what you can post about. These are fun ideas and not all business related, e.g. What is your dream holiday? This is a simple but yet effective pack! - To purchase this PDF, please click on the plus icon.

This list is not exhaustive therefore, please email me at to see how I can support you with your business.