I love supporting either small business owners or busy individuals. Your business may be growing, or you may be just starting and need someone there to tick things off your list. You may just have a busy life and could benefit from a little support.

There are many benefits to outsourcing tasks. I offer an array of services on either a regular retainer or on an ad-hoc basis.

Business Admin
Business admin can mount up and feel never ending. I can support you by taking on some of your admin tasks. This can range from contacting prospective candidates, following up enquiries, sending emails, sending testimonial requests, data inputting to creating spreadsheets.
Social Media
I can help build your online social media presence by creating engaging content and images that match your brand, as well as finding the best time of day to post and suitable hashtags to attract your ideal clients.
Life Admin
Life can be busy and it can feel like there is always something to add to a to do list. I can help take on some of those tasks from sourcing gifts, contacting venues, contacting specialists for a quote to holiday planning.
I can conduct research on your behalf. Whether it's sourcing venues, suppliers, tradespeople, looking at your competitors, or finding your ideal client. I can find the information you need and create a document with all the relevant information.

This list is not exhaustive therefore, please email me at to see how I can support you with your business.