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Running a business can be extremely rewarding but it can also feel completely overwhelming. It doesn’t have to feel this way, outsourcing tasks can be beneficial to you and your business. You might be growing at a fast pace and want someone else to be there to support you through the next stage of your expanding business or you might have just started your business and would benefit from that extra support and knowledge from another entrepreneur.   I support several clients in all different stages of their business, either with one-off projects or on a regular basis.

Why not let me support you and your business?

My Services

I offer a range of services to support your business.

Research can be very time consuming, so why not let me conduct the research for you. Whether it's sourcing venues, suppliers, tradespeople, products, looking at your competitors, or finding your ideal client, I can find the information you need. I can then create a simple document with all the relevant information. I can also contact people and do the liaising for you.
LinkedIn Support
LinkedIn is a fantastic platform and has many benefits. I can send connection requests to your ideal clients on LinkedIn. If you have already been posting on LinkedIn and have engaging content but have never saved it to be re posted at a later stage, I can copy your posts onto a Trello board for you.
General Admin
I can support you and your business by taking on some of your admin tasks. This can range from data inputting, finding the cheapest insurance, sending emails to creating spreadsheets.
Social Media Support
Being active on social media can make a huge difference to your business. If you have the posts and images but no time to schedule them, I can do this task for you.
eBay and Etsy Support
If you have a website but you wanted your products to be listed in multiple places, I can list them for you on either eBay or Etsy.

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